Product highlights

Product highlights

Mondi develops and manufactures innovative, high-performance and eco-efficient packaging solutions in close collaboration with its partners. Below please find our product highlights at RosUpack 2018:



SPLASHBAG, made of Advantage Protect and originally launched in 2015, has now been improved to be more water repellent than you expect!

The paper bag now resists rain for up to six hours and can be stored in wet environments for up to five days! Afterwards, the bag can be handled and emptied without any breakage, making the bag the ideal solution for moisture-sensitive powder products, like cement and building materials.

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Customers come to us for customised wicket bags that jump off the shelf and into shopping carts. Not only do our films and laminates have high tensile and sealing strengths – they also run superbly on packaging lines. Safe, clean and convenient, our wicket bags are even available in environmentally friendly formats upon request.

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Flexible cement bag (FFS)

Mondi’s flexible cement bag meets the highest demands on cost-efficient packaging for cement and dry construction mixtures. Mondi’s flexible cement bag is a high-performance tubular FFS film exclusively produced by Mondi in Russia. The core element of this packaging is its moisture and dirt protection to prolong shelf life even if the goods are stored outside. When its attractive appearance, convenient side gusset and optional ventilation system are combined to full advantage, they create a decisive competitive edge for the POS.


ProVantage Komiwhite

ProVantage Komiwhite. We make your products visible. Every day.

Our Nordic fibre paper is a first-class paper for strong, shelf-ready packaging solutions that seek to catch the eye with a bright and attractive appearance, and paves the way for enhanced branding.

ProVantage Komiwhite is an exclusive white top kraftliner benefitting from the strength of Nordic fibres.

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(Re)Use is a process-efficient and consumer-friendly corrugated e-commerce solution with double hot melt application. The solution increases handling efficiency during fulfilment through easy closure thus eliminating the need for additional foil bags in transport. The tear-open strip enables easy opening at the point of delivery. The second hot melt strip supports a tapeless, smooth return experience for the consumer.

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PERGRAPHICA® design paper for luxury packaging applications

PERGRAPHICA® is Mondi’s premium design paper that covers the needs of the creative and print industries. PERGRAPHICA® is available in variety of shades and textures for the most-demanding applications while meeting top sustainability standards. A new family member of PERGRAPHICA® is a trend-setting black paper developed for premium shopping bags. It provides unique benefits for converters and printers thanks to superb folding and varnishing properties. PERGRAPHICA® black creates new opportunities to develop business in various applications due to food safety certification and a wide substance range.

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